All you need to know about track and trace solutions

Adaptable and scalable

The mobile track system can be flexible with the existing packaging systems and therefore is tailored to address the different needs of the production line. Its modular structure allows it to easily scale to meet the compliance mandates of various countries without difficulty and in a short amount of time.

Third-party systems are interoperable

The mobiVUE track and trace solutions are intended to bring technology innovation to your packaging processes while adhering to compliance standards. It easily integrates with systems. It seamlessly integrates to third-party serialization management software allowing for simplified data aggregation across the packaging processor into the bigger supply chain.

In today’s world, serialization imposes an additional became the norm for pharmaceutical companies all over the world. These rules are critical for Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers because India is a major exporter to the United States, Europe, Russia, or other countries. The ever-changing complexities of rules in different nations necessitate a holistic, strategy for dealing with these compliance mandates.

Bar Code Corporation Of India was the market pioneer in delivering visibility and agility to our clients’ supply chains across vertical markets for more than two decades.

Technology and its applications are rapidly evolving in the corporate world to improve efficiency as well as stay competitive. Consumption patterns have also changed, forcing businesses to adapt their practices and systems to stay competitive. Today’s businesses must balance speed to accuracy, breadth to depth, geographical reach with local relevance, as well as a volume with quality. Organizations are increasingly relying on smooth supply chain integration as well as real-time visibility from manufacturing to point of purchase.